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Shantel Wall

Studio Tour Location: Shantel Marie Art Studio | 306.774.9041Medium: Painting

I have always been drawn to anything that is considered art or creative or crafty. When I was young I remember sitting at my grandparent’s island cutting and gluing and just being content colouring for hours and hours. I remember my grandmother introducing me to paints when I was young and I would look through her painting books for hours. When I was in high school I took up jewellery making and I remember taking my little box of jewellery to school and my teachers would take it to the coffee room at break and purchase pieces. As I grew older I made floral arrangements, jewellery, folk art, painted and was into scrapbooking. But just recently this year took up painting again as I was feeling creative and I ended up falling in love with the creative process once again. I love starting with a blank canvas and letting the paint flow where it wants to! I have been mixing mediums such as inks, oils, pastels and acrylics! I feel as like my art is always changing as I explore different mediums and techniques. I enjoy the creative process and love seeing where the art takes itself! I am a self taught artist and I would call my style of painting as unique decorative abstract.

You can see more of Shantel’s work at Shantel Marie Art on Facebook

Kim Undseth

Studio Tour Location: Undseth Pottery Studio | 306.773.0104 Medium: Pottery

As far back as I can remember, I have been creating. When I was 10, I sold my first piece of art in my Dad’s art store. Since then, I have worked with paints, knitting, needle work, mixed media, card making, and painting on silk but my newest love is pottery. I took a pottery course at the art gallery in Swift current in the fall of 2014, Lloyd Garthus was my pottery instructor. I fell in love with pottery right away and 5 weeks after touching clay for the first time, I had my own pottery studio.

I make functional pieces, plates, bowls, mugs, pitchers and vases. I love being able to take a lump of clay that has come from Saskatchewan ground and make something beautiful out of it. Each piece is unique and sometimes has a story that goes with it. I have been experimenting with a variety of glazes and underglazes and feel I am beginning to find my own style.
I have heard many potters say how making pottery can be healing and it is true. The whole process from, forming the piece, the quite time of sanding, to the creative glazing, and the very exciting revealing of the finished product, is healing for the soul.

I live 9km east of Swift Current with my husband and two of our 4 kids that still live at home. We have transformed our walkout basement into a pottery studio and are open to public.

You can see my work at https://www.facebook.com/KimUndsethpottery.

Rick Redekop

Studio Tour Location: Undseth Pottery Studio | 306.773.0104  Medium: Wood Turning

My name is Rick Redekop, I am from Swift Current, Saskatchewan and have pretty much lived in the area most of my life. I am married and have a blended family of 5 kids.

I have enjoyed working in many industries including construction, retail, and the hospitality industry. I have settled down in business and currently work as an accountant at Stark & Marsh CPA, LLP in Swift Current.

When I was in high school, I found that I enjoyed working with my hands and building projects, my favourite material being lumber. I have always seemed to have a knack for working with wood and have built many things including, shelves, above ground planters and even bunk beds. My brother-in-law introduced me to pen turning. I found I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a hobby of it. I make pens, pencils, key-chains and various other items. I work with both local and exotic woods and am planning on expanding into acrylics and plastics.

To see some of my projects feel free to visit my webpage.

Keith Hampton

Studio Tour Location: Undseth Pottery Studio | 306.773.0104  Medium: Wood Turning

I grew up on a farm near Ernfold, Sask. Where I was influenced by my grandfather’s woodworking abilities. At the age of 12, I learned basic woodworking in 4-H. Then approximately 20 years later I instructed 4-H woodworking for a few years. I bought my first lathe in 1981 (which I still have). Practicing off and on until 1998, when I was shown the basics of turning by Henry Franks of Gravelbourg. After retiring with 40 plus years employment, I started turning full time. With the help from others, I harvest wood from surrounding areas; such as Manitoba maple burl, buffalo berry and cotton wood. In November of 2016 I was able to purchase Henry Franks lathe and vast collection of tools and exotic woods.

Carol Furman

Studio Tour Location: Rush Lake | 306.773.4576  Medium: Pottery

Carol Furman is a potter whose a studio is located near Rush Lake, Saskatchewan. Carol has worked with clay since the 1970’s and likes best to reflect the prairie and natural environment.

She makes functional and sculptural pieces with med fire clay. The clay originates in southwest Saskatchewan.

She will be back on the Highway 1 Studio Tour this year after a 1 year hiatus and is looking forward to that special weekend of Studio Tour visitors.

Donald Ferguson

Studio Tour Location: Rush Lake | 306.773.4576  Medium: Photography

I love wandering around in the great outdoors, hiking or canoeing into places where I can be surrounded by Mother Nature. My Camera is just a tool that I use to try and capture some of the beauty, peace and joy that I experience while being in a meadow at sunrise, surrounded by the music of Meadowlarks, dew glistening grass and the warmth of the rising sun. Of course all mornings are not created equal, the sunrise may be hidden and the Meadowlarks silent, but the best thing about nature photography is that even if I have been out all day and don’t come capture anything great on camera, I have been out… all day …in nature.

My photographic style is more artistic than documentary, when I make a photograph I am not trying to show the scene exactly as it appeared to the naked eye but to use photographic technique (different lenses, slow shutter speeds, composition, etc.) to create art out of the elements that Mother Nature has given me. The emotion of the image is the most important element to me.

You can visit Donald online at www.wanderingmanphotography.com

Hedi Gossweiler

Studio Tour Location: Lone Eagle Motel | 306.784.2223  Medium: Alpaca Fibre Artist

Hedi Gossweiler is a fashion designer by trade. She designs, produces and sells high-end alpaca products. She markets an extensive line of wearables including sweaters, scarves, socks, hats, blankets, insoles and even teddy bears that she markets primarily at craft shows, out of her gift shop at the Lone Eagle Motel in Herbert, Saskatchewan. and via her website: www.swisslinealpacas.com

Hedi’s newest passion, besides working with alpaca fibres, is painting with acrylics. She also creates unique and detailed 2-dimensional works of art by needle felting alpaca hair.

Before emigrating from Switzerland to Saskatchewan in 1981, Hedi attended College of Arts plus Fashion Design and Sewing in Switzerland and has worked for various businesses in areas of arts and design. Hedi’s creations are well known and sought after for their craftsmanship, uniqueness and attention to detail. Most of her products are in-house designs and hand-made. To round up the collection, Alpaca Expressions added some high quality machine-made items.

Hedi has won many first place awards, including Judge’s Choice awards, at fibre competitions. She participated in the 2005 High Fibre Exhibition at Art Gallery of Swift Current and is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

Alpaca Expressions of Canada is a division of Swiss Line Alpacas owned and operated by Max & Hedi Gossweiler of Herbert, Saskatchewan. The business is the largest producer of alpaca products in the province and one of the largest in Canada.

Randy Lawson

Studio Tour Location: Herbert Train Station & School House | 306.784.2223  Medium: Barn Wood Frames

Randy Lawson creates custom frames from reclaimed barn wood. Based in Bracken, Saskatchewan you can reach him at randy_frames@gmail.com

Krista Routledge

Studio Tour Location: Herbert Train Station & School House | 306.784.2223  Medium: Photography & Jewelry

I am a passionate photographer, always aiming to improve my skills. Spending time on back roads finding photographic treasures and wildlife is the way I love to spend some of my free time. The stories that result from my adventures are really quite exciting, sometimes scary, but always memorable. I love to share the story behind the image whenever possible depicting just how events took place. Saskatchewan’s outdoor world, wildlife, flora and fauna, antiques and abandoned buildings, etc. catch my eye while driving in the country. My photography has grown over the last 5 years to include not only daytime, but nighttime work as well.

Just a few adventures have included climbing tall (very unstable) trees to retrieve an owlet for banding, driving down roads too muddy to be passable (but we managed & I love to re-watch the videos) and setting up for Aurora photos while coyotes surrounded us (unknowingly) and scared us all beyond imagination! Life has been full of true adventures, no matter the time of day or night, and I trust I will be able to continue for years to come.

During more inclement weather, I find myself ready to design jewelry with ideas that have come to mid at odd hours of the day or night. Some of those ideas are roughly sketched on s scrap paper so I don’t forget them. A client once referred to me as an “artistic dreamer.” Although I’m not exactly sure what she meant I do know that I have dreams and love to display my artistic talent through my designs. I am thrilled to design specific pieces, with a personal touch for weddings, graduations or special events. Styles change and my designs have evolved over the last 14 years, still holding on to a classic look. When I hear friends and acquaintances tell me where they are sharing my jewelry, it affords me the opportunity to dream even bigger. With pieces being sent to Australia, China, England and numerous other places around the world, I’m so appreciative of those who love my work and unique style. My busy lifestyle of work, family and friends helps me appreciate the time set aside to pursue my passions.

I can be reached at krista.distinctdesigns@gmail.com

Laura Hamilton

Studio Tour Location: Herbert Train Station & School House | 306.784.2223  Medium: Painting

Be taken away by the whimsical art of Laura Hamilton.

Laura’s figurative artwork is playful and out of the ordinary. Her female characters are intriguing women with quaint clothing: vintage dresses, striped stockings, fun floral patterns and everything in between. These endearing women are cheerful, clever, and passionate about life.

Laura resides in Moose Jaw with her husband, two children and dog Lily. If you are ever in the city, feel free to make an appointment to view her studio and home gallery. Visitors are always welcome!

You can see more of Laura’s work at:

Aird Romich

Studio Tour Location: Herbert Train Station & School House | 306.784.2223  Medium: Blacksmith

As a child, I was deprived! In my mother’s eyes; the local Blacksmith shop was as culturally appealing as the Pool Hall. (Yu might learn somthin’ that yu wasn’t suposed to).

I grew up swinging a Claw Hammer and working with wood, as Dad did. But being from farm stock you also took welding in 4H. My first project was the table I still use today (welded as best my Dad could do).

It wasn’t until I was taking a Metal Fabrication Apprenticeship in a Smelter down East; that I learned what a “Forge” was. I marvelled at how the Smith could get those rivets just the right heat so some !@#$% idiot (like Me could jam them crosswise in the hole before they could get bucked and headed nice and tight.

After returning back to the prairies; I continued my Metal work trade both on and off the job. The Garage got turned into a “Shop” as well as the driveway (understanding Wife).

The real crunch came at the local Fair, when I was lured into one of the Heritage Buildings by the sounds of “Hammer on Anvil”. Inside was one of the weirdest sights I’ve ever seen (Doc’s Town): Coal Smoke so thick, you could just make out these two strange dudes. Smoke and sweat streaked faces, Duck-Billed Tweed caps, collarless shirts buttoned up to the very top, Leather aprons and sparks galore. Like I said Two of the strangest dudes; now there’s THREE.

After taking the basic Blacksmithing course from the Western Development Museum; I’ve toured around doing demos (Piapot) at local Fairs and Community happenings. I’ve done some of my own designs, but mostly use traditional designs with my own twist (and I do mean Twist). The traditional Steak Turner is now a Texas Turner seen weekly on a national TV barbQ show.

You can visit Aird online at www.ponderosaforge.net

Sally Knelsen

Studio Tour Location: Herbert Train Station & School House | 306.784.2223  Medium: Painting

My development as an artist began in earnest with classes I took at Art Gallery of Swift Current in 1997. I have enjoed vaious workshops in a number of places. My work has been shown through the years in various exhibition in Saskatchewan.

My paintings are in private collections across Canada and in one collection in Mexico. I am represented by Studio 148 in Elbow, SK. I welcome appointments in my studio for viewing any time.

My painting are primarily landscapes. I explore colour, tone and the abstract qualities of a scene.

Maria Enns

Studio Tour Location: New Leaf Studio | 306.784.2435  Medium: Mixed Media, Artful Upcycling

A graduate of the University of Regina’s Arts Education program, Maria taught art to middle years students for two years before deciding to start her own business of creating things with her sister-in-law, Cecelia Enns-Schulz. New Leaf Handmade Goods, though currently not selling online, has been in business since March 2010 and sells items through the Grasslands Gallery in Val Marie and the SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon. More information can be found on the website www.newleafhandmade.com.

Maria loves to create practical and beautiful products like notebooks and pillow covers, but also enjoys creating artwork using fabric, paper and mixed media. She also sells her photography prints that reflect the unexpected and often subtle beauty of the prairies surrounding her home. Maria currently lives on a farm near Herbert amidst wild rolling hills and finds inspiration for her works in this windy prairie land. She is continually amazed at the inconspicuous beauty that hides in the pastures and along the gravel roads.

Maria Enns likes to think that the materials she uses to create her products are turning over a new leaf. Most of the paper, fabrics, etc. are post-consumer materials: fabric discovered in thrift shops, parts of greeting cards received in the mail, stationary her grandpa found at a garage sale. It’s important to her that what she creates doesn’t require a whole lot of newly manufactured parts. There’s personality, and surely a few stories, attached to her materials. She makes her goods in anticipation of bringing beauty into lives of others and allowing those stories to continue.

Valerie Triggs

Studio Tour Location: New Leaf Studio | 306.784.2435  Medium: Mixed Media and Photography

Saskatchewan is home for Valerie Triggs and she finds much inspiration for her art making and study in both rural and urban prairie landscapes.

After graduating from the University of Regina with a B Ed degree, Valerie taught Visual Art and a variety of other subjects to students from grades 4-11 in schools in Manitoba and Alberta. She has also worked for almost a decade as a curriculum consultant for many hardworking Southwest Saskatchewan teachers.

After having completing a PhD at the University of British Columbia, Valerie is thrilled to be back in Saskatchewan. She is currently an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Arts Education Program in the Faculty of Education at the U of R.

In her teaching, Valerie is interested in art as a way of practicing capacity and receptivity for learning, as well as a method of exploring places that matter to individuals and communities and the issues and topics that arise in these relations.

She is presently experimenting with how art augments reality as more than a one-to-one correspondence and engages a sense of touch as much as sight, accentuating our entanglement and impact in the world with every perception.

Mixed media, photography, natural materials.

Our Story

The Tour was begun in 2009 by a group of artists looking for a different kind of exposure and new opportunities. They are linked by their love of art and their location along the Trans-Canada Highway in Southwest Saskatchewan. As professional artists, the participants all agree that nurturing the arts and teaching people about the process of art is as important as selling their work. We hope you’ll join us on the tour!

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